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At the project page on Sourceforge, you will find among other tools a bug tracker and an help forum.


If you want to translate TexMaths into your favorite language, please do the following steps:

  1. Rename the TexMaths-0.XX.oxt file to and extract it to a directory
  2. In the help directory, you will find a file named TexMaths.pot
  3. Rename this file as yy.po where yy is your two characters language code (ex: de.po for German)
  4. Edit the yy.po file with an UTF-8 aware text editor
  5. Remove the #,fuzzy line at the beginning of the file and fill the informations (name, language, date, group, etc.)
  6. Translate each msgid string into the corresponding msgstr string
  7. Send me the final yy.po file

On Linux, if you want to check your translation, you can run the command ./makepkg 0.XX in the TexMaths root directory, where 0.XX is the TexMaths version number (ex: run ./makepkg 0.43 for version 0.43). Then reinstall the translated version in LibreOffice.

Contact Information

You can send me bugs, feature requests, patches, etc. at this mail address:

I'll do my best to answer shortly but please don't blame me if things take some more time...

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