What is it ?

TexMaths is a LaTeX equation editor for LibreOffice or OpenOffice. It is derived from OOoLatex, originally developed by Geoffroy Piroux (see here).

As its predecessor, TexMaths is a LibreOffice extension that allows you to enter and edit LaTeX equations directly into LibreOffice documents. All you need is a working LaTeX installation, at least one of the two programs dvipng or dvisvgm and of course the TexMaths LibreOffice extension.

TexMaths is multiplatform extension and should work under Windows, Linux and MacOS X systems.


Known Issues


14/03/2021 - Version 0.49 released

This release fixes several bugs related to SVG rendering and adds a global preamble (the preamble order of precedence is local > global > default).

12/04/2020 - Version 0.48.2 released

This release adds an option to select the LaTeX symbol color (black or white), so that it is now possible to use TexMaths with a dark theme. Toolbar buttons are also added to the LibreOffice notebook bar interface.

29/03/2020 - Version 0.48.1 released

This release fixes several bugs and updates the German translation.

08/06/2019 - Version 0.48 released

This release fixes several bugs and add three new features. First, numbered equations now work in multicolumn documents or in multicolumn sections. Note that, due to a bug In LibreOffice, non automatic column widths (i.e. columns with different widths) may lead to incorrect placement of the legend. Second, the TexMaths dialog is automatically resized when it is too small. Third, the preamble now has conditions to deal with latex or xelatex compilers.

25/05/2019 - Version 0.47 released

This release fixes several bugs and introduces some changes. New SVG toolbar icons have been designed. In Windows, for LibreOffice version >= 6.2.4, the TexMaths directory is now located at the standard place C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4\user. Therefore, in that case the old hidden directory C:\texmaths-[username] can be safely removed.

17/07/2018 - Version 0.46.1 released

This release fixes several bugs and regressions introduced in version 0.46. Please, see Changelog for details.

Why LaTeX Equations under LibreOffice ?

As you know, LibreOffice has its own equation editor called Maths. It works quite well but has the following limitations:

On the contrary, TexMaths brings the power of LaTeX to your LibreOffice documents: equations are very nice, there is a plethora of math symbols and the LaTeX language is a de facto standard in the scientific world, with a large community of users.

With TexMaths, you can write an equation in the LaTeX language using an intuitive GUI, then instantly generate an image (PNG or SVG format) of the equation and automatically insert it in your LibreOffice document. After that, you can close your document, reopen it, modify your equation and regenerate it in a second!

In addition, you can export your documents to MS Office and you will see your equations without artefacts under MS Word or Powerpoint.

If you use the SVG format, you can even resize your equations without any resolution loss.

With TexMaths, you get the power of LaTeX at your fingertips within LibreOffice!


TexMaths in action


TexMaths is free. It is released under the GNU GPL v2 license.


Many thanks to Geoffroy Piroux for his ooolatex code and also to Martin Gieseking who accepted to modify his dvisvgm code to suit some of my needs.

Copyright 2012-2020 Roland Baudin